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Friday, November 16, 2012

SkyWatch Friday: The Bighorns at Sunset

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, 
leading to the most amazing view. 
May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.
~Edward Abbey~

Black Tooth Mountain & neighboring Bighorn Range peaks

Enjoy your weekend, and happy Sky Watching!


  1. I posted the muffin recipe for you.
    Make, eat, and enjoy!
    Jane x

  2. You captured some lovely pastel shades of blues and grays in your photo. Gorgeous!

  3. Wow, what a view. It certainly makes me want to climb lonesome, tortuous trials to get there!

    Have a great weekend, Laurie!

  4. That looks like a painting-to be!

  5. What a beautiful image...

    Many thanks for your kind comment on my post... I have just had a lovely browse around your blog.

  6. Beautiful beautiful and I love the quote and the story about Ms. Day.

  7. Now that's a view that I could gaze at all day! So, so serene & beautiful.

  8. Wonderful! So many subtle shades of blue...

  9. Fantastic - mountains are my favorite place in the world.

  10. wow your at the second person to mention they have ms to me today... I think I need to spend more time exploring your blog too!

  11. oh cool and your a vegetarian too... yes we probably have quite a lot in common.

  12. Wow, the colors are amazing! Have a great weekend! Snow yet in your corner?

  13. Yes, beautiful mountains and skies, nice photo. Greetings.

  14. Beautifully composed sky shot.

  15. This is a wonderful photo with beautiful lines. Great !

  16. Wonderful choice for the Skywatch meme.

  17. Thank you to everyone for your visit and kind comments! I really appreciate them, as always!

    Jane ~ Bless your big vegan heart, thank you again for posting the recipe! I need to buy some coconut and keep BW away from the bananas, he loves them very ripe so he never leaves me any for baking! I should find a good hiding place.

    Rose ~ Fortunately, you don't need to make any tortuous, dangerous climbs to see this particular view in person ~ except up our stairs to the guest room, whose "peekaboo window" looks out onto this scene! :-) I took this photo from the walking trail near our house, but that's neither dangerous nor tortuous either. Now, the view FROM those peaks is a different story altogether!

    Andrea ~ That's just what I thought! In fact, you'll see this photo again as my winter header, and I tried to make it look like a painting! Hey, you're a painter... feel free to use this photo as a template if you wish! :-)

    Andrew ~ Thank you, and thanks for following my blog! I just love your critter photos, and am now happily following yours as well.

    Kara ~ Thank you! It always makes me smile when someone mentions enjoying my little blurb about the inspiration for my blog's name. :-)

    Molly ~ Me too! Wonderful as those views looking down into and across the valley were from our house in Big Horn, I'm loving getting to watch the mountain range from here!

    Al ~ Mine as well! We both live in great places for it. :-)

    Laura ~ I've been experiencing that lately as well, with several people I've spoken with mentioning that they or someone they know has MS. I didn't used to mention it in my "About Me" section, but recently changed my mind and added it, in case my experience with it might benefit someone else.

    Emille ~ We've had two snowfalls, but the last one (which dumped a few inches on us) was a couple of weeks ago and most of the snow is gone now, with no new snowfall in the forecast. In fact, we're supposed to have temps in the upper 60s on Wednesday! I'm hoping for cozier days.

  18. What beautiful tones - reminds me of Houseman's 'blue remembered hills', although it's a tad further away than Shropshire!

  19. Ah, that would have been a lovely title for this post! I'm sure you know this, but thanks to listening to "The Poet's Corner" CD, I learned that A. E. Houseman never set foot in Shropshire, but only saw those "blue remembered hills" from a distance when he was a child. Perhaps through a peekaboo window of his own? :-)

    By the way, it's not easy to see (it's in the lower right quadrant of the photo), but the road to our old house is visible, though not even I can see the house itself because it's so in shadows. (I can also see that my camera lenses need cleaning!)

  20. I'm glad you sent me an e:mail so that I wouldn't miss this one because what makes it extra special is that it's the view from the guest room which I wouldn't have known had you not put that in your e:mail. It's a great view! No wonder you wanted to add the extra window in there!!! Now I'm all the more excited that we'll be talking about my visit this afternoon. This is something I definitely have to see in person. My favorite part is those rugged peaks sneaking up behind the smoother mountain tops. Just beautiful!

  21. Jo ~ I think you're really going to love the guest room, and not just for that peekaboo view of Blacktooth, either! It's just a really cozy room. I am so excited for you to come, even though it's still ten months away. I think October will be a perfect time of year for your visit, and it'll be such fun to go see the library quilts WITH you, instead of just photographing and blogging about it FOR you! (Plus you'll be able to share some "inside baseball" for my own education and enjoyment of the quilts as well as for my posts about them!) And another Decadent Day™ is way overdue. :-)


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