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Friday, November 9, 2012

SkyWatch Friday: Bountiful Sunbeams

When true friends meet in adverse hour,
'Tis like a sunbeam through a shower...
~Sir Walter Scott

It's taken me awhile to assemble and post this, but between Sept 29 and Oct 2 we experienced a bonanza of sunbeams! They always symbolize hope to me, a reminder that no matter how dark the clouds, the sun still shines above them and will emerge once again, as the clouds part and drift away. As the victims of Sandy continue to deal with adversity, I dedicate this post to them and their resilience and courage.

These first four photos were all taken on the same evening walk with our dogs near our house...
(The skies on this walk were most generous,
also offering the last two photos on this SkyWatch post!)
The aftermath of a rainstorm, taken from our front porch...
The next two were taken at the Wyoming/Montana border on our way to Billings...
And finally, back home again - the sky over our house taken from the walking path behind it...

For more sky photos sure to make you beam, visit...


  1. i would say these are rays of hope.

  2. As my lovely friend says about any situation, "It could be worse". She's right.
    Beautiful shots.
    May I say how deliciously scrumptious your background and header look?
    Jane x

  3. Wow wow wow - these This are spectacular!

  4. Wow, great shots. You live in such a photogenic place.

  5. Simply beautiful. I am loving your autumnal header as well.
    Re the comment on your last post - most of our Eastern States assuredly do have daylight saving. It is in place for close to six months now, which I think is wrong. Sigh.

  6. There is always something magical about sunbeams like these. Nice captures.

  7. Such pretty photos, Laurie! I love sunbeams, too, and they always fill me with such happiness to see them. You captured them beautifully.

    I love the new look you have going on!

  8. Super! I haven't seen a beautiful sky like that in a long, long time.

  9. Everyone ~ Thanks so much for your praise for these rays! :-) I agree, Andrea, this is a photogenic place and I'm grateful to have a good camera to capture it and a blog with which to share it.

    And Jane, Ellie C, and Molly, I'm happy to hear you're liking the new look of the blog! Thanks for the feedback!

  10. Superb shots Laurie - what a wonderful sentiment too. I think my favourite is the fourth one down, love the light over the mountains!

  11. Lovely clouds and sunbeams...truly breathtaking!

  12. Barbara ~ Thank you! That fourth one down is the one I chose for my SkyWatch Friday thumbnail!

    Rose ~ Weren't they something? We get them somewhat frequently, but it was amazing how many we were getting in such a short timeframe. And how even in the same sky on the same day, their looks would change so much! I really enjoyed photographing them.

  13. It's so unfair that you get all the nicer sunrises, sunsets, sunbeams, clouds, etc. You're supposed to share....oh, you just did ;-). And....thank you. Nice camera work also. xoxoxo

  14. Spud ~ Thanks for the chuckle! And for the compliment. :-) xoxo

  15. I do love sunbeams and agree with you that they represent hope so thank you for letting me know that this one was not to be missed.

    I usually have trouble picking a favorite but not this time. I really loved the fifth photo for it's unique yellow spot. Most often the sunbeams are white but these were yellow. I can't honestly be sure I've ever seen that. Those sunbeams weren't just hopeful, they were buoyant!!

    I also really loved the one two below that on your way to Montana. That's a great shot and the sunbeams are so distinct. Montana is indeed big sky country!!!

  16. Jo ~ I'm glad you enjoyed it! I remember your remarking once on a sunset photo of mine how much you love sunbeams, so I thought you'd like this one! :-)

    Now that you mention it, most sunbeams are white, and now I"m noticing not just the yellow one that is your favorite, but orange and pink and gold, too! I was just excited to catch so many rays, didn't even notice how colorful they were!

    Montana really snagged a great nickname, didn't they? I mean, it's not like Wyoming is "Medium Sky Country!" LOL But MT thought up the best one first, so we're the boring "Cowboy State," and they keep trying to come up with a slogan to put on Wyoming's "Welcome to Wyoming" highway signs, but they're always so lame. Right now it's, "Forever West" or something like that. My favorite was "A Great Land Outdoors." As opposed to "A Great Land INdoors?!!" Who thinks this stuff up?


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