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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ABC Wednesday: All Ears!

Yep, we're all Ears for another ABC Wednesday! :-)

Another lurker bunny in our yard

Precocious Baby PJ on our patio

A delightful donkey Eager to make friends

(She's CEO of the ranch where we board Mocha!) ;-)

Ani, my friend Robyn's Engaging grand-dog

Which pair of Endearing, Enchanting Ears did you Enjoy most?


  1. Terrific...what a great looking group of Earthlings! Thanks.

  2. Don't make me choose...please don't make me choose!
    Jane x

  3. Beyond My Garden ~ Ooo, you get bonus comment points for not only using an adjective that begins with the letter E, but that also contains the word "ear!" :-) I'm glad you enjoyed them.

    veganelder ~ They truly are! And you'll enjoy tomorrow's Thursday Challenge post, too! :-)

    Jane ~ I know, it's probably downright cruel of me to even ask that of my readers. I can't choose a favorite either!

  4. Oh, that bunny is priceless! "I'm invisible...:

  5. When you think about it, ears are pretty funny looking things to have sticking out from the top of your head. Ani's ears look huge for her body!

  6. Ooh, I love all the ears. What a clever and delightful post:-)
    (In answer to your question about Exochorda, sadly it has no scent but it's next to a Choisya, which does:-) I like Bridal Wreath, too.)

  7. Braja ~ LOL, I know! "If I can't see you, that means you can't see me!" :-)

    VioletSky ~ They are, but I think human ears are even funnier, and not nearly as much fun! Can't perk them up, swivel them around, make them flap - hardly seem worth having! :-) Ani's ears ARE huge for her body. I'd Estimate they take up at least a third of her allotted surface area. LOL

    jabblog ~ Thank you! :-)
    And thanks for answering my question about Exochorda. Good thing I'm not a betting woman, I'd have wagered it was highly aromatic! Guess it gets all the adoration and attention it needs just from its abundant, blossoming beauty alone. I must check out this Choisya, another plant I've never heard of. Is that the blue one you mentioned in your post? I must return to find out...

  8. jabblog ~ I just got myself a quick education, and now see that Choisya has a bridal look as well, while the gorgeous Ceanothus must indeed make a beautiful accompaniment to both in the garden! Like a bridesmaid with two brides. :-) (When I first saw the above photo, I thought, "Hey, that looks like a lilac!" Duh, but at least I've got a firm grip on the obvious this morning!) :-)

  9. That bunny picture is way cute! We have rabbits about in our neighborhood, but I could never get close enough to one to take a picture.

  10. Haha, that bunny is a cutie! "If I can't see you, that means you can't see me, right?" lol.

    They're all super cute, I feel an urge to smooch every one of them for each ear.

    But, I have to say Ani's ears take the prize...they look like they're defying gravity. They look like floppy ears standing upright.

  11. They are all ears! especially love the bunny pic.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  12. A wonderful collection of ears, I love the pink bunny ones, can just imagine them twitching.

  13. What a lovely collection. I love the rabbit, but the little black dog at the end just is too cute! What a set of ears!

  14. Excellent, even more excellent than I expected. And I am even-handed and refuse to evict any of those Ears from top spot on the podium.

  15. Can you tell that I am Enthused by this Event?

  16. Jessica ~ Isn't that a funny bunny? :-) We have a bunch o'bunnies (at least seven) who live around our house, and most of them are so used to us now (since we're on 10 acres we're the only people they really ever see) that they are quite tame and let me get within a couple of feet of them. They play in our driveway, live under our front deck, relax in our garden, hide in our gutter extensions - they're a riot! During the hot part of the afternoon when our east lawn is in the shade, there are usually three or four of them flopped there in the grass on their bellies, back legs sprawled straight out behind them, eyes closed. They don't even bother to move as I putter about the yard. They're such fun, but they've about filled up my hard drive with their cuteness! :-)

    Rose ~ Yes, that is the rule as I understand it. LOL

    They all do look utterly smoochable! And Robyn was telling me today that when Ani was a puppy, her ears were floppy, but now they always stand up straight like that! She's half Scotty, half Brussels Griffon, but she looks like the Scotty half. Except those ears, I think those are pretty uniquely hers (I've never seen a Scotty with ears that big!)

    Rog ~ I think the bunny pic was BW's favorite. He laughs every time he sees it. :-)

  17. Joy ~ Thanks! Oh yes, and they also move back and forth and swivel around at every sound, like the well-named rabbit ears on a TV! (Uh-oh, I think I just dated myself. LOL)

    Caroline ~ Thank you! Ani is a cutie, and she has a personality as big and as cute as her ears. She's a really smart dog with a great sense of humor! :-)

    Ellie C ~ LOL, I can indeed, your Enthusiasm is Effusive and Encouraging! :-) I'm glad you enjoyed the post so much, and don't blame you one bit for Evading the Egregious task of Eliminating anyone from the most Endearing Ears contest! LOL

  18. Hiding bunny fails! What wonderful ear pics - I love the way the deer come so close to you.

  19. Barbara ~ Yes, an Epic fail at concealing oneself, due to Ear Exposure! LOL (But we won't say anything, I'm sure the bunny thinks the lurking is working!) ;-)

    I love that too, and will miss it terribly when we move. Some of the deer (like Punky and PJ and several of their predecessors) are very bold and come very close, especially in winter, while others are more timid and uncertain. This summer they've all been more skittish and only around in the evenings and at night. I don't remember that ever being the case before (Jane Doe and two of her daughters used to take daily afternoon naps beneath our bay window in the summer!), and wonder what's up.

  20. Kathy ~ Thanks! With such cute subjects, how could I miss? :-)

  21. The lurker bunny was my favorite photo - just loved how you caught him but just barely.

    My favorite ears belong to PJ - that is the most adorable face of them all - ears included!

  22. Jo ~ I've gotta admit, I really love that bunny picture too. :-)

    And PJ will be so pleased to hear you loved his (her?) ears best! S/he knew that Ani's ears especially were very "stiff" competition! LOL


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