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Friday, August 26, 2011

SkyWatch Friday: Tess :-)

(Tess, our fun-loving rescued Chow-Aussie mix, has commandeered my post for this week's SkyWatch Friday because she thinks these photos of her, cruising oh-so-cooly in her Doggles, showcase the summer sky quite nicely. And since I can't argue, I've agreed to type this for her while she dictates)...
Hi, human peoples, I'm Tess! My favorite cruising song is Adventure Dog, but I reckon it might have limited appeal to you humans, what with your unsophisticated taste in music. So I'm sharing my second favorite cruising song with you instead, along with my photos, so that you may more fully enjoy the Full Cruising Experience. Besides, it's a great song for cruising into the weekend and last week of official summer. Woof! (Translation: Enjoy!)

This is me looking serious and dignified,
and this is me looking attentive and earnest.

Here I am looking deep and thoughtful,

and this is me looking humorous and fun-loving!
Oh yeah, and there's also the sky and trees and stuff.

I also made Mom post this live-action video again because a lot of you haven't seen it yet, and the rest of you who have will probably want to watch it again, because you just can't get enough of me. (Mom says I'm pretty full of myself. But really I'm just full of kibble and joie d'vivre!)

If you'd like to see more pictures of me in my Doggles (and why on earth wouldn't you?), click here! Thanks for stopping by to admire my super-coolness (oh yeah, and to admire the sky too, yadda yadda), and have a great weekend!
And don't forget: "Adopt a stray, neuter and spay!"
The Animal Rescue Site
For more skies (tho probably fewer dogs)


  1. Getting a glimpse of Doggles in action always makes my day...thank you.

  2. Ever thought of being a pin up?
    Jane x

  3. Fun post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. Tess looks wonderful in her Doggles:-)No wonder she turns heads;-)

  5. That video makes me laugh every time...John thought it was funny too!

    The many faces of Tess:

    Tess, have you thought about an acting career? I think it's something you should already have the stylish looks and a chauffeur.

    Have a good weekend all!

  6. What a character! I agree with Rose that Tess should be a movie star. Perhaps she could even sell pawtographs on the Internet. :) Woof woof.

  7. That first that's great with the sky behind. Tell Tess she's looking fine.
    Have you seen this blog about "Sweepy". It is always written in the voice of the dog-who speaks of his/her owner as "keeper". Thought of it after reading this post.

    Have a super fab weekend. Extra pats to all the critters.

  8. Thanks for putting a big smile on my face.

  9. BIG smiles. Thank you Tess, (and your typist too).

  10. Aw, Tess, you should definitely be a model! You're looking mighty gorgeous in those Doggles!

  11. Looking good, Tess! Lots of smiles over here, especially from Dutch, our Golden who is also rescued. He also loves to have his head out the window on our travels and now insists that he needs doggles like yours!

  12. oh my gosh, that is the most adorable thing i've seen! love it!

  13. Tess -- You take great photos of yourself. You sorta remind me of an old actor named Arrow Flynn -- he sometimes wore glasses like you. You have your mom all disciplined to take good care of you -- as it should be don't you agree. -- barbara

  14. this is the most funnest skywatch post I've seen in awhile :)
    my dog loves window surfing too but he doesn't own any goggles like this!

  15. Oh this made me laugh! Great shots of Tess (and why shouldn't she be full of herself - she's a star!), and love that video :O))

  16. You are pretty, indeed.
    Lovely post, photos and video.


  17. Dear Human Peoples ~ Many thanks and sloppy kisses for all your nice words! My tail has been wagging since Friday when Mom told me I have a fan club now. I'm not sure what that means, exactly, but I hope it involves treats, tennis balls, and rides in the car.

    Mom said to tell you she's sorry she has been unable to reply to each of your comments like she usually does and that she hopes to soon, but she's been really busy, and has had a headache all weekend too (which I swear I had NOTHING to do with!). I told her not to sweat it, you all seem like nice understanding human peoples and besides, most of your comments were addressed to ME anyway! (Is this what having a fan club means?) *wag wag wag*.

    Thank you again for saying I'm cool and pretty and funny and wonderful and gorgeous and a star! Please give your dog peoples a virtual butt-sniff from me, and remember to send treats, tennis balls and the keys to your cars to:
    The Super-Cool Tess Fan Club,
    c/o Mehitable Days,

  18. Hope you are feeling much better and less frazzled soon. And Tess can only help.

  19. Oh no, I'm late and nearly missed Tess' doggles. She rules! Enjoyed the video and as always, your great sense of humor and love of animals.
    Happy week!

  20. veganelder ~ Seeing Doggles in action has the same effect on me. :-) You're welcome!

    Jane ~ I'm sure if Tess knew what a pin up was, she'd be changing her name to Rita Hayworth. ;-)

    Gary ~ Thank you!

    jabblog ~ They do really suit her, don't they? (And red is definitely her color!)

    Rose ~ I'm glad it tickled John as well, and I must admit it makes me laugh every time I watch it too. Especially that last backward glance she gives at the end. :-)

    Tess not only has the looks and chauffeur to help launch her movie star career, she also has a personal chef, stylist (armed with the Furminator), personal trainer (hikes our specialty!) and soundtrack. And now, fan club! Stephen Spielberg, where are you? :-)

  21. Andrea ~She is all of that! And you should hear her speaking voice (which she is NOT shy about using, I'm sure she'd happily grant interviews) - she sounds like she's been smoking Tiparillos for 40 years. Very Lauren Bacall. LOL

    Hmm, selling pawtographs on the internet. ("Come here, Tessie girl, let Mommy show you how to open an Etsy account!") ;-)

    Sue ~ I haven't had a chance to check out Sweepy's blog yet, and am not familiar with it so thanks for providing the link. It sounds adorable! I love the term "keeper" (our dogs are all keepers, and I hope they think we are too!) :-) I must add that to my list of much better alternatives to the objectifying "owner," which makes me cringe.

    BW and I met a dog named "Schweepy" at a little cafe in the Netherlands years ago. He was a very elderly and sweet long-haired Dachshund mix, and his keeper was a retired merchant marine who told us that he'd named him Schweepy because of how his tail would sweep the floor.

    Andy ~ Our pleasure! :-)

    Lisa ~ Thanks!

    Ellie C ~ Tess and her typist both thank you in return, and I must add "personal secretary" and "publicist" to that list of Tess' movie-star accoutrement I gave to Rose. :-)

    Molly ~ Thank you, Aunt Molly! Tell my cousins Emma and Rowan that I won't forget them now that I'm famous! LOL

  22. raf ~ Thanks, raf! Mom is a big fan of Goldens and an even bigger fan of rescues, so she says to tell you she instantly loves Dutch! I think you should definitely get him a pair of Doggles. Especially since he lives in a different town - because hey, I don't need the competition from some good looking blonde guy with his head out the car window. But I think we should consider making a film together... have Dutch's people call my people. ;-)

    Mom says to thank you for stopping by and leaving your fun comment, and to give Dutch a big kiss for her!

    Tanya ~ Thank you, Tanya! (And thanks for becoming a Mehitable Days follower! Your ancestor would be proud!) :-)

    Barbara (KY) ~ Thank you, Auntie Barbara! Did Arrow Flynn wear a scarf, too? Because I keep trying to convince Mom to get me a scarf to match my Doggles, and maybe one of those English driving caps, too. And yes, I agree that parents should take excellent, loving care of their furchildren. I've got Mom pretty well trained, except for letting me go on grand adventures by myself and feeding me 35 times a day. She's being difficult in those areas.

    Kel ~ Thank you, I'm really happy that you got a kick out of it! And you need to get your furry little window surfer some Doggles! Might be the first dog in Australia to wear them (talk about turning heads!) :-)

  23. Barbara (UK) ~ I'm so glad we made you laugh and that you enjoyed Tessa's photos and video! But please, Auntie Bee, I do wish you wouldn't encourage her vanity. ;-)

    Tatjana ~ Thank you, I always enjoy being told I'm pretty! :-) And Mom says she's happy you enjoyed my post!

    Kathy ~ Our Tess is very entertaining indeed! Welcome to my world of constant amusement. :-)

    Ellie C ~ I am feeling much better, thank you! But I probably won't be less frazzled till the whole nerve-wracking house-sale process is over, which is still more than a month away. (ARGH!) But Tess, Willow and Josie are definitely doing their best to help. They are such good girls, and nothing relieves stress like the laughter they inspire!

    Noni ~ Thank you so much! Tess has long tried to convince me that she rules (or that she SHOULD), and she'll be pleased to hear you've got her back on that. ;-) Your comment made my day - happy week (what's left of it! If you're late I'm even later!) ) to you too! :-)

  24. Tess,

    I didn't want you to think I wasn't going to be part of your fan club too! Mom can tell you that I'm always a late showing!

    I like your humorous and fun loving picture best. It fits in perfectly with your cruising song (which I played really softly at my desk and enjoyed very much).

    I can understand your hope that you'll be the only one in town with such great doggles but I'm guessing it won't be long before you start a trend!

    I think Mom needs to find an excuse for Willow and Jess to have a turn at the blog sometime!!

  25. Auntie Jo ~ Dear Adventure Aunt: I knew you wouldn't want to be left out of my fan club! Mom's told me how busy you are. Do you spend your day watching bunnies in the yard, digging in the dirt, and napping in the sun too? It's exhausting, but we're still up for any adventure, huh?!

    I like my humorous and fun-loving picture too - I especially like how my ear is blowing straight back in that one. Daddy was driving fast, and I like to ride in cars that go fast. ;-)

    I haven't seen any other dogs wearing Doggles yet, but Mom said she's seen two dogs who like to stand on the backseat armrests and hang their upper bodies out of their people's cars like I do, and she thinks she should follow those people and tell them about Doggles! I guess if it means I'm a trendsetter, that's okay. Is that anything like an Irish Setter?

    Willow has never written a post, but she's starred in lots of them, and Josie (Mom says she knows there are a lot of critter names to keep track of, but if she had a Jess AND a Tess, even she'd be really confused!) also starred in her own post once, all about her leg and her heartworm and her tedious bladder infections... so I think they've both gotten enough attention already without getting to write their own posts! (Mom says I need to learn to share, and that for being so snarky to my sisters I'm not going to get to be in a future SkyWatch post she's got planned, while Willow and Josie will! Now I need to go sulk, but I'll get over it in a minute when Mom feeds us supper.) :-)

  26. Dear Tess,

    You mom is right and you do need to learn to share. Someday, you'll thank her for that - Really!! At least that's what I've told my children 100 times and so far they've agreed twice. I'm still thinking they'll agree on the other 98 soon!

    Tell Josie that Aunti Jo was just rushed at lunch time and knows her name isn't Jess - but that would be kind of fun. Maybe even go all the way - Tess, Jess and Wess. Or maybe Tess, Tosie and Tillow.

    I'll stop now.

  27. Adventure Auntie Jo ~ (I forgot last time that I'm supposed to type in italics so that you can tell when it's me writing and not Mom!) ;-)

    I know you don't have time to come back and look at second replies, but I just had to say it anyway - Mom and I both LOL'd (yes, I can LOL - and I can grin, too!) at your comment. Mom says we're not unlike your girls - she has to say our names 100 times just to get us to come to her once, especially if we're busy watching the bunnies!

    And we thought "Tess, Jess and Wess" were funny, but I
    really like "Tosie and Tillow!"

  28. hahahahahahahahah I am LOLing!!!
    Your posts are hilarious, well, actually Tess!

    She is so cool in her doggles!

  29. Aiketa ~ Tess is tickled that you find her both amusing and cool! (So do we!) :-)


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