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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Challenge: Blue

Though not a Blue Moon, this just-past-full moon I spied early one morning recently was so pretty against the deep blue of the late summer sky that I had to grab my camera. My point-and-shoot has difficulty taking well-focused photos of the moon, but I like this capture nonetheless...

How about a little music to go with it? Here's "Blue" from Leann Rimes' album of the same name...

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  1. I'm pretty sure that's the same moon we get down here...but the moonbeams are warmer in this neighborhood.

    Great pic, thanks.

  2. That is a gorgeous pic! The moon is offset to beautifully by that deep blue of the sky. It's a captivating photo really...I can't stop looking at that orb.

    Can't get the music to load though...I'll try back later.

  3. You do push the limits of that little camera of yours — great shot. You'd need a telescope to do better. :)

    What's happening with the house? Did the little one you had your eye on in town, sell?

  4. Gorgeous shot. And I love the halo effect around the moon too. Thanks.

  5. I think it turned out great! My goodness, you have a picture for everything! : )

  6. Laloofah -- I think your blue moon photo is terrific! -- barbara

  7. veganelder ~ I'm pretty sure we share the same moon too, and frankly I think ours is sending down moonbeams that are as toasty as yours! (Been around 100ยบ all week, and I think you just need to keep these temps to yourself, thank you!) ;-)

    Twiggy ~ Thank you, I have a lot of moon photos on the cutting room floor, but was pretty happy with this one. The daylight helped, no doubt.

    Rose ~ Thank you, Rose, I'm so pleased you like it! It was a beautiful sky that morning, and the moon really shone from it.

    I'm sorry the song wouldn't load for you - I noticed that the play button (that looks like a little arrow) isn't showing up on my iPod graphic, but if you click on the blue circle in the center, the music and video should start to play. Hope it works for you next time, I'm not generally a country music fan, but Leanne sure has a great voice!

    Andrea ~ I give it a workout for sure, poor thing. But it usually rises to the challenges! :-) Thanks for your compliments on this photo!

    As for our house, it's finally under contract and has been going through the inspection process this week with the well testing yet to go plus the appraisal. We know it's not a done deal till we've got the $ and they've got the keys to the place, but we've spent BW's vacation looking at a few houses, including the little one you mentioned, which we've visited three times, the last time with our contractor. What we're really hoping to do is rent it, but we have to wait and see if that can happen. I'm way behind on emails, we've been completely overwhelmed this week, but I will fill you in on more details as soon as I have time, I promise!

    Ellie C ~ Thank you! I love that halo effect too. I don't know if it was there all along or if my camera created it, but I think it's neat looking!

    Eva ~ Thanks! LOL - I do seem to have one for most things, or can take one if I have enough heads' up (which is easy for this meme, since I have a pretty good grip on the alphabet, LOL! Though Q, X and Z are going to be boogers.)

    Barbara ~ Thank you, Barbara, I'm glad you like it! That blue sky sure helped make it look good! :-)

  8. Leovi and Lavender ~ Thanks to both of you! :-)

  9. Lovely, lovely shot. I have never yet got a good picture of the moon, once I kept getting two moons in the sky until I realised it was because David had put a skylight filter on my lens and that's what was causing it! The others I've tried look like a small white blob... sigh. I'd like to do some star trail shots but would have to persuade David to come out at night with me as my minder - well him or Charlie.

  10. Barbara ~ LOL, I've often gotten the feeling I'm suddenly in an alien world, and getting photos of two moons would only confirm it. :-) I suffer from "Small White Blob Syndrome" a lot too, so was pleasantly surprised by this photo. I think having all that daylight really helped - it's in low light conditions I usually get the worst blobs. I'm just surprised that the moon showed up so well on such a sunny morning! I'm glad you like it! Hope Charlie does too. ;-)

  11. A nice combo - I like Leann Rime's music and that was a pretty photo. I love seeing the moon during the day - I think that's so cool.

  12. Jo ~ I reckoned you were probably a Leann Rimes fan! Glad you enjoyed the photo/song combo! :-)


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