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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Challenge: Friends

This week's Thursday Challenge is

FRIENDS (Gatherings, Parties, Time Together, Sharing,...)

Friends come in all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds, and species! Here are some photos of friends, a couple from my archives and most fresh off my camera...

Some friends really stick their necks out, while others can act a bit snooty at times...

Jane Doe and Willow hang out on our front porch

Other friends are great at teamwork, dutifully staffing their posts and sharing the responsibility of keeping watch. (For what, exactly, only they know)...

Josie, Willow and Tess stand guard among the lupine,
perhaps watching for the Lupine Express!

And when one of them (we won't name names, but her initials are Tess) falls asleep on the job, the others cover for her...

Las Tres Amigas at Whitney Commons

Sometimes one friend inspires the other to stick with their exercise program by running circles around them...

Robyn's granddog Ani leads Willow a merry chase

Some friends work together to figure things out...

When brothers Val & Tino came to live with us in mid-Feb 2008,
they were baffled by the purpose of their exercise wheel!

But working together, they not only figured it out quickly,
they started inventing various games for it,
many of which they still play well into their golden years!

This theme gave me an opportunity to share additional photos that Andrea and Robyn emailed me recently of our fun little Vegan Meetup breakfast picnic...

Now I have proof I was actually there! :-)
Robyn, me and Ken (photo by Andrea)

Me, Andrea, Ken and Buffy (photo by Robyn)

And it also provides an opportunity to share some very recent photos of Mocha (and his pasture buddy "Prairie") in his wonderful new home!

Prairie and Mocha (wearing his fly mask) abandon
grazing along the lovely creek to come get some cookies!

Cookies eaten, the boys bid farewell.

As do I, till next week's challenge!

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  1. Aww, they're all touching and sweet. I love the pic of the three girls sitting in the lupins!

    Also, how fun to see Val and Tino! What cute little house mice, and very long lived too!

  2. Love it. And love that most of your friends seem to be of the furry variety. What would we do, where would we be, without them.

  3. Josie is the pup in the front(the one in the field of flowers)? she looks like the heroine on the cover of a novel:)

  4. A great bunch of fine looking 4 and 2 legged beings. :-)

  5. Rose ~ I know, I love that one too! They're so funny. I especially love Tessa's head just peeking up over the tops of the flowers.

    It's about time Val and Tino made it onto my blog, huh? We call them the Methuselah Mice! LOL

    Jamie ~ They are all of that. :-)

    Ellie C ~ Yes, most of them are and most of them always have been. As a child, I had stuffed animals instead of dolls, and always preferred the company of critters over fellow kids. And I don't know what we would do or where we would be without them, I really don't! Hope I never have to find out.

    DD ~ Yes, that's Josie and LOL!! You're right! She is in want of a ripping bodice, however, and some swarthy Rottweiler clutching her (feebly protesting) body to his rippling chest. Or some such thing. Thanks for the laugh, Josie will enjoy your observation as well! :-)

    veganelder ~ There are a lot of legs on this post, aren't there?! And all of us owners of them thank you very much! :-)

  6. Ahhh such a sweet post. I love that photo of the three dogs in the lupins - brilliant! ('Your lupins or your life!). Thanks so much for signing that petition - you're a true pal :O)

  7. Oops, almost forgot, Barbara (also from the US who often comments on my blog) has a problem with a cat and kittens living in her barn. All the shelters are full and she can't afford to have the five of them spayed etc and now doesn't know if there's another litter in the barn. Do you know of any organisations etc that can help, maybe with neutering ferals, or with costs?

  8. Barbara ~ Glad you enjoyed it, and I love that the photo of the "Lupine Sisters" is such a hit. I love that one too!

    I was very glad to sign the petition, and am sure you are responsible for a growing number of additional signatures! I'm confident they will reach their goal. As for the other Barbara, it will probably depend a lot on her community, and I see that she lives in PA but don't know where. I would suggest she contact her local veterinarians and/or shelters, as they may be able to help her out with spay/neuter costs. I think some places even have mobile spay/neuter vans that provide low-cost procedures. She could also try contacting the ASPCA or the Humane Society in PA. A quick internet search turned up these three sites with info about TNR/feral cat rescue organizations in PA; even if they're not located in her community, they might be great resources for her:

    Castaway Critters ~ has a state by state list of TNR/rescue organizations and PA's is fairly extensive.

    Paws of PA

    Fairchild Foundation

    She might also want to contact Alley Cat Allies for advice and information.

    I'll email you these links as well to share with her, or you can send her to this post, or if you'd like I'll repost them in the comments on your post. Just let me know!

  9. What a feel good post! I adore that picture of all three girls amongst the lupine and that picture of Willow looking all snooty with Jane Doe! lol She's got an Emma look going on there.

    I'm so glad to see that Mocha is doing well there. That's terrific that he has a friend. <3 Looks like you had a very nice day for the meetup!

  10. Beautiful pictures, I love it, great fun. Greetings.

  11. Molly ~ Hey, good to see you again! I've missed you!

    LOL, you're right that Willow is doing a darned respectable Emma imitation there!

    Mocha's doing great, we hope to get out and visit him again today. BW saw him almost every day last week, so now Mocha and Prairie have come to expect a cookies handout around lunchtime. :-)

    It was a lovely day for our meetup, and it sure was fun!

    Leovi ~ Thank you! Your photos are seriously amazing. Never seen anything like them! I'm glad you're enjoying mine, too. :-)

  12. Awww!! LOVE these photos! Thank you so much for sharing these adorable animal photos with us! What a great end to my night. :)

  13. Eva ~ My pleasure! I'm glad they provided a fun end to your day, and hope lots of cute furry friends danced through your dreams. :-)

  14.'re a tall drink of water ;-).

  15. Spud ~ Not really, I just have petite friends! :-) I'm 5'8", which makes me feel like an Amazon woman around my friends (most of whom are 5' - 5'3"), but I was the shorty in my family, with a mother and both grandfathers at 6', my father at 6'2", and other relatives as tall as 6'4" and 6'6". Even my grandmothers were 5'8" and 5'9", which was very tall for women born in the 1890s and 1910.

    By the way, a tall drink of water sounds really good right now. It's been near 100ยบ all week, and there are fires all over Wyoming making the air really rank with smoke. Can barely see the mountains from town, or town from our house. YUK! Glad BW hasn't had to be out working in this.

  16. So much to comment about in this post! Of course the topic friends would lead to many varied opportunities for posting too!

    I took a side trip to the lupine express since that intrigued me as a link and what a fun surprise. What a goof ball skit - but alot of fun and quite appropriate as a link to the girls standing guard!! I always enjoy Monty Python because it is so ludicrous.

    I remember when you told me about Val and Tino figuring out how to use their wheel. That was really neat and it's fun to see photos of the them on it.

    I'm so happy that Mocha is happy in his new home and making friends. It's so good he's adjusting so well!

    I always love to see photos of you so thank you to Andrea and Robyn for providing some of the Vegan breakfast.

    Great post La!!

  17. Jo ~ I'm tickled that you took the time to watch The Lupine Express! I always loved that skit, and have quoted various lines from it for years ("Never a willow." "Shut up, this is a holdup, not a botany lesson!" "This redistribution of wealth is trickier than I thought!") John Cleese is such a hoot.

    Poor Val and Tino have been left out of the blog photofest long enough, so I was glad to have a good excuse to share those photos. I think the one of them perched on their wheel is so funny! I don't know how they managed it, you'd think the wheel would have spun out from beneath them as soon as they started climbing it!

    Photos of me are rare, I like being behind the camera much better. But I appreciated Robyn and Andrea contributing their photography skills to our meetup and sharing their photos with me!

  18. That line about "this is a hold up not a botany lesson" was one of my favorites too! The part where they lie about having lupines cracked me up too! Thanks for taking the time to come back and read and reply to my comments. Once - I never have time to come back a second time! :-)


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