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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Challenge: Gardens

I was delighted to see this week's Thursday Challenge prompt, which provides a great opportunity to share a few photos of pretty flower gardens in Sheridan that I've taken this summer, some from our two favorite gardens in the US that I plucked from last year's Maine vacation archives, and one I just took yesterday of a cute little somebunny visiting our veggie garden!

Another example of plucking pretty things
to share with friends :-)

I hope you enjoy this variety of gardens from near and far, past and present!

This house's side yard on a side street deserves more than a sidelong glance! I especially love her raspberry bathtub with its matching petunias...

Another colorful side yard garden, between the house and driveway of one of my favorite cottages in Sheridan...

Remember the infamous "Garden Dummy" from my Yellow Challenge post? This is his side yard of pink peonies and cheerful daisies...

I hadn't realized all the flower gardens I'd admired
were in people's side yards till I did this post!

And now to Desert Island, Maine's Asticou Azalea Gardens, serenely beautiful even when past their blooming prime...

Asticou Pond

Asticou's Sand Garden

And from Asticou's neighbor Thuya Garden come these delicious dahlias...

And this just in from our organic veggie garden... see the baby bunny lurking behind the zucchini leaf?

Here's his mug shot :-)

The bunnies love to nibble the grass around the garden, and sprawl out in the cool shade inside the garden, but they leave the flowers and veggies alone. (And even if they didn't, we're casual with our fencing and happy to share with our wild, furry neighbors!)

For more tantalizing garden delights,
sample this week's Thursday Challenge!

Happy birthday wishes to AdventureJo! :-)


  1. Laloofah -- Your top photo is a vision of cooperation! With that handing off of a bloom to their companion I imagine they can play havoc among all those gardens in Sheridan. -- barbara

  2. Oh darn, that would have been a great addition to my ABC Wednesday "C" post - Cooperation! :-)

    Of course, that's not a photo of mine, it's a graphic I found somewhere long ago. I'm sure someone with PhotoShop skills far surpassing my own was able to create it! Sure is cute, though, isn't it?

  3. Zucchini lurker! I'd love to find some little lurkers like that under the squash in my garden. And, how polite and considerate of them to not eat the flowers and veggies!

    All the gardens are lovely, I'm especially drawn to the side gardens.

    Now that I think of it, I like this pop-up comment box better than the other one because I can still view the photos while I type my comment.

  4. What an amazing garden - so beautiful

  5. Rose ~ I hope you do find little lurkers like this in your Delicata patch someday, and that yours are as considerate as ours! (They nibbled the tops of a few of our carrots one year, and did rather enjoy some of our lettuce, but that's all they've ever done, and who can blame them for wanting some free samples from the buffet table?) :-)

    If the side gardens in Sheridan are any indication, I think next year I'll don my Ninja outfit and scale some backyard fences with my camera to see what they might be hiding back on the biggest part of their lots!

    I'm liking this popup box for the same reason. You have no idea how many partially-written comments I lost because I went back to click on a picture, only to have an empty comment space when I returned to finish my remark. You'd think I'd have learned, but I nearly always forgot! This is much better.

    Jamie ~ I agree they're amazing and beautiful gardens, but since there are six different ones on this post I'm wondering if there's one in particular you're referring to.

  6. Ooooh. Gardens are another of my obsessions. Thank you. Mega heaps. Your organic veggie garden didn't appear for me - or the bunny, but I loved ALL of the rest. Or perhaps lust is more accurate. I wanted them all.

  7. The sand garden is exquisite, and like very high maintenance!

  8. Ellie C ~ I kinda thought you might like this post! ;-) I'm bummed that you couldn't see our garden or bunny photos, though! That's weird. They should act no differently than any of the other photos on here. Did you try clearing your cache and reloading the page? That almost always works for me when images won't load for me. At least you got to see the flower gardens and flowers, though! Aren't they pretty? I struggle getting flowers to thrive here. Don't know if it's me or our extreme environment, but when I see flower gardens like these I'm so envious!

    Lesley ~ I'll bet it is too, especially surrounded by all those trees, dropping needles and leaves and what-not into it all the time. But then, raking a sand garden is supposed to be very Zen and meditative, so maybe it's not a chore anyone minds. I'll tell you what looked like work - cleaning out weeds in that big pond from a rowboat!! I'd rather be raking pinecones out of the sand. :-)

  9. Being a persistent (stubborn) soul I came back. And I SAW THE BUNNY. Any your garden. Yay. Loved it.

  10. Yay for persistence! I'm so glad you came back to try again and it paid off! How could you not love that lurking bunny. :-)

  11. In the words of LOLCATS, that top photo is so cute my head exploded! And what gorgeous gardens, and that bunny is beautiful... sighing with happiness at such wonderfulness...

  12. Barbara ~ Oh no, an exploding head on your part will no doubt necessitate two or more chocolate biscuits on David's for nerve-calming purposes! But I'm glad you enjoyed this post nonetheless. :-) I wish Ben could romp with our wild bunsters, they'd have such fun!

    LOL @ Mission Impossible! Thank you for sharing yours with me, the tape has now self-destructed. ;-) (For any possible future reference, the fire-breathing dragon link is just above the wildly inaccurate visitor location widget. It is small and hard to spot, I'll admit. My own way of making my email address available, yet discreet, and off-limits to spammers. And for your own protection from those hideous spambots that trawl the internet looking for email addresses, you can type yours out like this (only I'm not using your actual one as an example... at least I don't think I am, lol), "explodinghead at charlieisevil dot com." Most spambots can't recognize that format as an email address when written like that, though that is changing since spammers are far more evilly clever than sweet Charlie could ever fantasize about being in his wildest dreams. There are also web sites that will scramble your email address for you to hide it from spambots, but I always wonder if I'm just providing my email address to another spammer by typing it in for recoding! Modern life can sure beget paranoia and cynicism, can't it? Anyway, thanks for your email addy!)

  13. What a cool looking bunny!...and the other pics are great...I'm glad it is green somewhere...

  14. veganelder ~ I knew you'd enjoy the bunny pics especially ! :-) We have at least seven bunnies living all around our house - they're such fun! I love to watch them play. That one in the photo is one of the two babies cottontails currently hanging out with us. :-)

    It's been pretty dry here for a while, it only looks green where we're watering. But we have definitely not been having those abominable temperatures you have! In fact, there's a decidedly Fallish nip in the air most days once the sun starts to go down! I hope it works its way to you soon!

  15. This was such a pretty post with so much fun stuff to look at!

    I love the "Cooperation" photo - that would have been good for the "C" post but it's pretty cool in any post! It seems like it had to have photo shopped but still fun!!

    Choosing my favorite of your photos was tough. The one I enjoyed the most was the zucchini since you had just told me about how big your leaves were (no kidding!) and I loved the lurking bunny. I also really enjoyed the bunny mug shot! You must have zoomed in for that one. Otherwise your camera would have been 2" away!!! :-0

    I also enjoyed seeing the Asticou's Sand Garden again. How they rake that without leaving footprints is pretty amazing!

  16. Jo ~ I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that you were able to sneak it into your lunch break today!

    Yeah, I see PhotoShop fingerprints all over that cute hamster picture, but it's definitely fun, adorable and clever!

    Some of the bunnies, especially one of the babies, are incredibly tame. I can often get within a couple feet of them. I was able to get really close to this cutie, and I can't remember if I used my zoom on the "mug shot" photo but I definitely cropped a lot of the grassy area around him/her.

    I enjoy returning to my Asticou and Thuya posts from time to time ~ that sure was a wonderful part of a wonderful trip! And you're right about raking the sand w/o leaving footprints! Maybe they dangle from a hot air balloon! :-)


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