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Friday, August 19, 2011

SkyWatch Friday: Summer Sunrises

For this week's SkyWatch Friday, I give you a month of summer sunrises ~ all taken from our house on the side of a Wyoming mountain ~ along with some inspiring quotes and a perfect song accompaniment to enhance your viewing pleasure. :-)

July 19, 2011

I wake up in the morning torn between the desire
to save the world and to enjoy the world.
This makes it hard to plan the day.
~ E.B. White

August 3

I'll tell you how the sun rose,
a ribbon at a time...
~ Emily Dickinson

August 8

How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!
~ John Muir

August 8

Climb up on some hill at sunrise.
Everybody needs perspective once in a while,
and you'll find it there.
~ Robb Sagendorph

August 12

Each day comes bearing its gifts.
Untie the ribbons.
~ Ann Ruth Schabacker

August 14

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don't go back to sleep...
~ Jelaluddin Rumi

And here's an appropriate song for my readers in the southern hemisphere, as your winter gives way to sunny spring...

For more sky photos from both hemispheres, visit...
In memory of Klaus Peter,
SkyWatch co-founder and co-host
Vita mutatur, non tollitur
(Life is changed, not taken away)


  1. Simply outstanding photo set. Truly outstanding. Have a blessed week-end.

  2. Sunrise number one is my favourite.
    I was once told that I am a sunrise not a sunset person...I think it's true.
    Jane x

  3. Driller ~ Thank you very much! And the same wish to you for the weekend.

    Jane ~ Good choice! It's the one I used for my SkyWatch blog thumbnail! (I see you had a much easier time choosing a favorite sky photo than a favorite "ears" photo!) :-)

    I'm definitely a morning person, so while I love both sunrises and sunsets, I imagine I'm more of a sunrise person too. Luckily, we get a lot more beautiful sunrises than sunsets here!

  4. my friend mehitable! (remember me, i'm a many a great grand daughter of a mehitable ;) )

    a great idea for skywatch today, and super skies for klaus and yes, he was way too young...i still can't believe it...

  5. Hi, Tanya! ~ I do remember, but I'm glad you reminded me! :-) And I'm very curious about your Mehitable. Do you know much about her?

    Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed my sunrises. I didn't know about Klaus when I put the post together earlier this week, but think it made a nice tribute post. There's a hope and joy to sunrises, a promise of new beginnings, and that's what I think Klaus is experiencing now. I hope the skies are beautiful for him every day.

    Thanks for visiting again, hope to see you next week!

  6. What a wonderful Sky Watch presentation. You really did a super job.

  7. LV ~ Thank you very much for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  8. Gorgeous, I love the light that you captured, especially the first.

  9. Incredible series!..... hard to choose a favourite, so i'll not try to do so!.... thank you for sharing your views!....:)

  10. Laloofah -- Everyone of your photos and quotes were superb!!! I REALLY enjoyed them and am saving your quotes to publish on my home blackboard. Thanks so very much -- a nice way to end the week -- barbara

  11. The early bird gets to see spectacular sunrises--as you did!


    Sky so high,
    Sky so blue,
    Tell me why
    I love you.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Sunsets here and here

  12. Thank you. I love them. I, too, am decidedly a morning person. Our sunrises are more mellow than yours though.
    And a lovely tribute. Who could ask for more.

  13. Maybe I'd get up earlier if I could see sunrises like those! Truly gorgeousl I can't remember the last time I saw the sun come up. I think I like July 19th the best.

    Happy Weekend Laurie!

  14. Leovi ~ Thank you! If I had to choose a favorite, it would be the first one also. I think those billowy storm cloud remnants just above the horizon are what do it for me. Thanks for stopping by!

    veganelder ~ Well, they're no baby bunnies hiding in the tall grass, but I'm glad you enjoyed them! :-)

    chubskulit ~ Thank you! I appreciate your visit!

    Jamie ~ Thanks! I'm behind on visiting your blog, but have noticed on my dashboard that you're spending your August break posting photos of your travels, so I must get by there soon.

    Andy ~ Thank you! It was hard for me to choose which ones to post, because of course I take about 20 for every photo-worthy sunrise. :-) You can see how much the sky changes after just a few moments, or by just moving the camera slightly to the right or left, by looking at the two Aug 8 photos. Of course, I realize all skies behave that way, not just "my" skies. :-) You're very welcome, sharing my views was my pleasure, thank you for your kind comment!

  15. Barbara ~ Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I'm really delighted that you enjoyed them, and am tickled sunrise-pink that you're saving the quotes for you home blackboard! :-) I thought with all the sunrise photos I was posting that I'd have to search for some new sunrise/morning quotes to fill out the post. But nope, I already had all these stashed in my collection. That's how big my quote collection is, which just goes to show how badly I suffer from QHS ("Quote Hoarding Syndrome.") :-) I hope as you add these quotes to your blackboard that they will all prove to be harbingers of beautiful days for you!

    LauraX ~ Many thanks, I'm happy you liked them and appreciate your visit and comment!

    Magical Mystery Teacher ~ Yes we do! I'm lucky in that I'm an early riser AND the window over our bed faces east, so the first thing I do upon waking is to look out it (though I'm usually up ahead of the sun). Thank you for your sweet poem!

    Ellie C ~ You are most welcome. A morning person too, another thing we have in common! :-) Your sunrises may be more mellow than ours (I wonder if it's dust in the atmosphere that makes our so wild?), but your colorful birds make up for it! I'm glad you thought it was a lovely tribute, too. Thank you.

    Rose ~ Well, you probably have a lot of foggy, cloudy, rainy sunrises there, and they'd have me sleeping in too. But the next time I'm up early and see that Seattle is in for a clear morning, I'll give you a wake-up call, shall I? :-)

    It's looking like July 19 is the blue-ribbon winner in the bunch!

    Happy Weekend to you too, Rose! xoxo

  16. What gorgeous photos, Laurie, and perfect music to accompany them to!

    I love looking at the sky, especially at times as beautiful as these. So relaxing, so peaceful. I can just feel the stress melting away.

  17. I actually love those flip flops hanging on the line :)))

  18. What beautiful photos! Sunrises like that are such a gift. It's wonderful that you got outside and documented them.

  19. Very nice scenes and your photos, too.
    Thank you for reminder of the wonderful song by George Harrison.


  20. Sights and sounds? Pretty classy...thank you.

  21. Molly ~ Thank you! And I'm really glad you enjoyed the music, I thought it was perfect too. :-)

    I know you're a fellow sky gazer, and I agree that these skies are not just relaxing and peaceful to look at, but inspiring and optimistic as well. And we could all use summa that!

    I'll try to email you soon, but life's been hectic and BW is on vacation again this week with tons on our plate, so just know in the meantime I've been thinking about you and hoping everything is going well. xoxo

    Braja ~ Aren't those cute? I'll be taking them down and putting up something more appropriate for September soon, but I'll miss those colorful, cheerful flipflops! That's pretty much the only footwear I don in the summer, other than hiking boots. :-)

    Cadry ~ Thank you! They are indeed. And I didn't hesitate to grab my camera and head outside to capture these, despite being badly buffeted by the wind on a couple of those mornings! (I actually shot one of these out our bedroom window).

    Tatjana ~ Thanks! And isn't that a great song? So sad that he's gone. Did you see some of the other great musicians (including Ringo) who were playing along with him in that video?

    veganelder ~ Thanks! And rest assured, if I can ever figure out how to add a scratch-n-sniff feature to my flower and food posts, you'll get the entire sensory experience! LOL

    Halcyon ~ Thank you!

  22. Wow, these sunrises are gorgeous! And I love how you arranged this post with the oh-so-fitting and wonderful quotes. I need to catch a non-hazy sunrise over here. Sunsets, however, lately.. have really been something (well, two out of 10 or so). It seems as though the sun shines down just on the valleys where towns are and the tops of hills. Looks unreal & is so breathtaking.

  23. I like sunrise #4 from August 8 the best. There is something about how the land slopes under the mix of colors from yellow to gray to pink in the sky that is just so beautiful. Love your sky pictures!!!!

  24. Eva ~ Thank you! It was fun arranging the quotes to try and best fit the photos, so I'm glad you liked it! I hope you're photographing those sunsets of yours, I would LOVE to see them!!

    Lori ~ Thanks for telling me which one was your favorite, and why! I enjoyed reading your comment, and am so glad you love my sky pictures! Thanks! I really love the pink glow of that lone cloud in that sunrise photo. Isn't it amazing that both those Aug 8 photos were taken on the same morning? They look so different, but the second one was taken maybe 5-10 minutes after the first, with my camera pointed a bit more toward the south.

  25. No worries about emailing. I'm still pretty pressed for time lately myself. :)

    btw- when I stepped out onto our driveway today to head to work, there was a full rainbow in front of our house! I thought of your lovely sky watch posts right away.

  26. Really, TW! It's hardly fair that you live at an elevation that gets you the first shot at such breathtaking sunrises. And now....with your photo've saved them for posterity. Thank you for sharing...rarely see such great rises OR sets here. xoxo

  27. Molly ~ Aren't full rainbows amazing? That had to be a good sign, hope a great day followed it! I saw on my Dashboard that you have a post about it and hope to check it out soon. We've been at a flat run all week and today's no different - it'll be a while before I get caught up online. I was glad to have already had some posts ready to go this week, but after tomorrow's the well will be dry! Ruh-roh. Just way too much going on lately, My brain hurts and I'm pooped!

    Spud ~ It's one of the percs we get for putting up with shorter summers, high winds, wildfires, our steep road, and all the other downsides to living at this altitude. ;-) The sunrises are beautiful from town, too, but I agree that our perspective makes them extra awesome. I'm delighted to get to share them and save them for posterity on my blog, and am glad to be able to provide you with beautiful sunrises (and other skies) whenever you want to gaze at one. :-)

  28. Wow, I knew you had pretty sunrises but when you post them all in one post, it makes them seem like a daily occurance!!

    The first little video mix didn't load but that's OK since I don't know what I'm missing and "Here come's the Sun" was a PERFECT accompaniment to the photos and quotes.

    My two favorite photos were the first and last and if you twist my arm, I'll pick the first. I just love the colors in both but the first had even more. Unbelieveably beautiful.

    My favorite quote was E.B. White's. It made me smile a little to think that anyone would look at those two choices each day!

    I was tickled to see a quote by John Muir - the savior of red wood trees in California!

    Beautiful post as usual!!

  29. Jo ~ You know, beautiful sunrises almost are a daily occurrence here! Some are prettier than others, and any more I only photograph the really spectacular ones, but I enjoy them all.

    Bummer that you couldn't get the little MixPod to work, but I'm glad you enjoyed "Here Comes the Sun." :-) And I agree with your pick of a favorite in this batch, it's definitely the most colorful!

    NPR was doing an interview earlier this week with a guy who wrote a biography about E.B. White and how he came to write "Charlotte's Web." It was very interesting, but I didn't get to listen to it all since I was listening on the car radio while running errands. :-( I've always loved that quote of his, and can relate to his conundrum! And John Muir - what a guy. I have a LOT of his wonderful quotes in my stash, and wasn't this one perfect for a sunrise photo taken from my house?

    Thank you, Jo! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

  30. Just wanted you to know I came back to read your comments. It's hard to do errands while listening to a good story on the radio - someday we'll be able to pause the radio I bet!!


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