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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ABC Wednesday: C

Wow, ABC Wednesday, back already! Let's C what Clever Concepts we Can Come up with this week. ;-)

Well for starters, C is for Camera, and I've been having a jolly time with mine this summer! So here are a few recent Captures (except for the hummingbird, I fetched that one from my archives) that I hope you'll find Charming...

C is for Childhood ~

"Twist in Time" by James Haire
Sculpture on South Main St, Sheridan, WY

C is for Columbine ~

Columbine flowers (Aquilegia vulgaris)
in Kendrick Park, Sheridan

C is for Contrast ~

Pretty, gentle Harebells (Campanula rotundifloria)
contrast with brutal barbwire (I loathe the stuff!)

C is for Copper ~

A Rufous Hummingbird rests on our deck railing

As well as for Chubby and Cute! :-)

I love his wee little toes!
And the coppery shimmer of his throat in the sunshine.

For more takes on the letter C, check out


  1. Your efforts and your pics are hugely appreciated...thanks.

  2. Beautiful and interesting!! Enjoyed reading!!

    My C Post

  3. Loved the hummingbird - something I have never seen here in UK. A great benefit of being part of ABC Wednesday.
    Denise ABC Team

  4. i love his chubby belly! he is so fluffy and cute!

  5. Oh, those little hummingbird toes! Cute, cute! He's a little chubby fluffster!

    Very creative idea to contrast barbed wire with pretty, gentle, flowers, the columbine are such fairy flowers!

  6. Wow, are those columbine ever gorgeous!

    What an adorable little hummingbird. I love how fluffy and colorful he is!

  7. So gorgeous!

    here's mine:

  8. Love this post. Clever, clever, clever.

    And now lets play Coincidences. Last weekend I bought some Columbines and some Campanula to put in my Cottage Garden.
    The hummingbird was super cute, and I envy you. Not a bird we will ever get.

  9. Laloofah -- I know that your hummingbird does not fit with your "C" challenge -- but what a great photograph -- an almost impossible one given the speed that they travel. I do know they take time out to rest though. Great photos -- barbara

  10. veganelder ~ My pleasure! Your visits and comments are hugely appreciated as well! :-)

    Nanka ~ Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it and appreciate your stopping by!

    mrsnesbitt ~ Oh, seriously? I love the UK, but I would be bereft without my hummingbird friends! I'm glad you got to virtually enjoy our pretty little Rufous. It is great fun to explore the world via the internet and blogs, and I'm really enjoying ABC Wednesday. Thanks to you and the rest of the ABC Team!

    dirtyduck ~ I know, isn't that an adorable tummy? I'm pretty sure that cute belly is full of nectar - much too full for takeoff! :-)

    You and Lily should check out Mrs. Nesbitt's fun Duck blog!

  11. Rose ~ Aren't those little toes just the cutest? They are such feisty little hummers, always pickin' fights, but they sure are beautiful, and in this little guy's case, just too cute!

    When I found that pretty patch of Harebells, I was really annoyed that I couldn't photograph them without that ugly strand of barbed wire being in the picture. And when I downloaded the photo, the contrast really struck me, so that photo popped into my head as soon as I started working on this post. I'm glad you liked that interpretation! And you are so right (though I'd never thought of it before!) that Columbine are true faerie flowers!

    Molly ~ I know, I love Columbine anyway, and that color is so rich and lovely. There are a few different flowerbeds scattered around Kendrick Park that are planted by volunteers from different businesses and organizations, and this was one of them. I can't even remember what other flowers were planted with them, because the Columbine stole the show!

    That little fluffy Rufous is definitely a limelight stealer too! The ruby throats of the Broadtails are beautiful when the light hits them, but I am always dazzled by the copper gleam of the Rufous' throats in the sunlight!

    Library Snake ~ Thanks! I look forward to visiting your blog and others from ABC tomorrow, couldn't do it today.

    Ellie C ~ LOL - you're pretty Clever too, with your Crop of Coincidences! Columbine and Campanula will look Charming and Comely in your Cottage garden! :-) When will your garden be in full bloom? Can't WAIT to see your photos of it!

    So no hummingbirds in Aus either? Such a pity! Still, it's only fair that we get hummingbirds since you get wild parrots and cockatoos! :-)

    Barbara (KY) ~ Sure he does! "Copper," "Cute," and "Chubby!" (Besides, I couldn't wait till "H" rolled around to share this little feller!) :-)

    I've never had a hummingbird sit still like that for so long, and he was so much tinier than the other Rufouses (Rufi?) that I'm sure he was just a little fledgling. I sure appreciated the wonderful photo ops he provided me while he rested up!

  12. clever contrast. cool camera clicking!

  13. Rog ~ Thank you, and Congratulations to you for Composing an entire Comment Consisting Completely of C words! :-)

  14. That little hummingbird is soooo cute!

  15. Kathy ~ He is definitely, seriously, overwhelmingly precious, isn't he? :-)

  16. Fabulous Cs! I just love that bird...

  17. Barbara (UK) ~ Thanks, and I do too! He'd look adorable perched in your Buddha's cupped hands. :-)

  18. WOW. Those are awesome photos. It's amazing that you could capture the hummingbird's photo. I only see them in motion. You're lucky!

  19. Meryl ~ Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed them! And it's definitely unusual to see a hummingbird sitting still like that - I've got photos of them sitting still on our feeders (usually too busy "guarding" the nectar from other hummingbirds to bother to eat!), but even those photo ops aren't plentiful. To have had this little guy just sit on our deck railing like this and let me come out and take his photo, that was really special. At first I was concerned he might have been stunned or sick or something, but I think he just needed a pause, to catch his breath or to let his full tummy settle, because he took off within a few minutes and resumed doing his little hummingbird thing. I really cherish the photos I got of him, and am happy that so many of you really enjoyed them! Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment!

  20. What a beautiful little bird! It's so cute, and the colors are just gorgeous!

  21. JayLeigh ~ I think so too! Of the three species of hummingbirds we get here, the Rufous is my favorite to watch, they are so "full of piss and vinegar" and such a beautiful color! But the sweet little Calliope is my favorite in the personality department. :-)

  22. I do not have time for this!!! I typed the whole thing and then lost it before it posted. (user error). So here we go again...

    I checked the older posts and was relieved that at least I didn't have to go that far to catch up but am distraught at how far behind I've fallen. I worked and worked this weekend but it had been too many weekends away and catching up will have to include at least next weekend too.

    Anyway, I thought you DID do a great job of tying the hummingbirds in with the theme. The copper neck plummage was original and clever and I think "Copper" is a very excellent C word.

    I'm not very original in saying that was my favorite as it was so many others but it was exceptional. I also thought the "contrast" was another excellent tie-in.

  23. Jo ~ Don't you hate how that sort of thing always happens when (and probably often because) we're in a hurry?! It never fails. I'm glad it wasn't my new comment form that sabotaged you, at least, and you seemed to recover and rally well with two post visits and two great comments today!

    As long as Blogger doesn't experience a calamity, the posts you have yet to read shouldn't be going anywhere. :-) Hopefully you'll get caught up at home, and enjoy daily lunch breaks that provide time for your blog visits, because I sure enjoy them! Speaking of lunchtime visits, BW had to do the Big Horn/Story route again today, and he came home and ate his sandwich on the patio with me! That was weird. LOL The dogs didn't know what to make of the UPS truck parking in our driveway! He could only stay 20 minutes, but that was fun.

    Thank you for appreciating my use of the hummingbird's copper throat for the letter C, as well as my "contrast" photo! I often think too literally about these, coming up with objects or names that start with letters instead of adjectives or concepts. If I do come up with good ones it's usually AFTER I've posted!


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