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Tuesday, August 30, 2011



Makes me wish I were a college freshman again! (Well, almost!) :-)


  1. V. Cool! I skimmed the article a minute ago and then had to run off and tend to dinner...what a fantastic developement! I hope it catches on in a big way!

    I'm going to go back and read the article more thoroughly after dinner, but the idea of students eating there for healthy options resonates with me.

    I worked at a vegetarian restaurant in Dublin for 18 months back in 03-04 and most of our regular clientele weren't vegan or even vegetarian...they just wanted to eat something healthy and hearty for lunch. We catered to special diets: yeast-free, dairy-free, gluten-free was a good foot in the door anyway.

    Thanks for posting this. Here's hoping the healthy vegan food and philosophy really rubs off on some of those kids!

  2. Amazing and long overdue. I love the idea that students are being introduced to healthy vegan food that's also delicious, combating the myth the plant-eaters chew grass and twigs. Thanks for posting.

  3. Loved the article. Some of the comments on it are more than a little scary though.

  4. That's so cool! I love how they decorated it, too, and the name is awesome!

    If Texas can do things like this, then any place can, IMO. :)

  5. Rose ~ How cool that you worked in a veg restaurant in Dublin! Given your experience with the non-veg clientele, I can see why this article would resonate with you. I agree with Colleen Patrick-Goodreau (and others) that demystifying vegan food is typically the first step in melting away resistance, and share your belief and hope that places like this provide a great "foot in the door" experience that will open many to deliciously healthy eating, the vegan philosophy, and all the reasons besides personal health that there are for embracing a vegan lifestyle. This is a great start and I too hope it's just the start of something much bigger!

    Andrea ~ I couldn't agree more! I was especially pleased to read about the rising demand for vegan fare and that the food being served at the Univ of North Texas is so delicious and such a big hit. Reading the list of typical items served sure made me want to grab a place in that long, snaking line! Great too that they're fielding so many inquiries from so many places.

    Ellie C ~ Glad you enjoyed it! I didn't read the comments but am not surprised at what you observed. I very rarely read the comments on articles like these (or on most online articles about anything, actually!) since too many people love to display appalling meanness, rudeness and willful ignorance on such forums. And they're not the best places to foster thoughtful, reasoned discussion. (I submit that last sentence for consideration in the Major Understatement of the Year contest, lol)

    Molly ~ I love the decor too, and didn't you also wish as I did that they'd shared lots more photos of it? I also love the name "Mean Greens!" A friend of mine went to Denton, and I've just become a big fan of her alma mater. :-) And I agree with you that if they can do this successfully in TX, it can be done anywhere. It's amazing (and heartening) how many such vegan success stories take place in the unlikeliest of places!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this article, everybody, and for your thoughtful comments! I especially appreciate it since I'm behind on my visits to every one of your blogs. I promise to rectify that as soon as I'm able, I know I'm missing out on great stuff!! :-)

  6. I actually took a few classes at UNT years have no idea how extraordinary a vegan anything is in this part of the country. Yea!!!

  7. veganelder ~ Isn't it great? You'll have to go back to visit someday and grab a meal at Mean Greens! BW moved from OK to Mesquite, TX when he was eight and we met when we both lived in Abilene, so although we haven't been back since we left Texas in '88, I can imagine how extraordinary this is. If I were a betting woman, I'd have put my money on UC Berkeley or the University of Oregon for something like this, so A) major kudos to UNT for being the first, and B) I'm glad I'm not a betting woman! :-)

  8. I know! I wish the school I was going to had this!

  9. Eva ~ I wish it did too! Maybe you can get one started! :-)

    Btw, I've gotten so far behind I've lost track. Where did you decide to go to school? I'm thinking it was in the UK...

  10. Thanks for the e:mail - I had totally scrolled right by this wee but very interesting post! And Yay! for BW having a surprise day off!

    I so wish both of the girls had this for an option. As you are well aware, neither of them is interested in being vegan but I really think they would both enjoy this as simply a healthy alternative and I think what I've exposed them to would make them totally open to this!

    It sounds so awesome and as you well know, if someone agreed to cook vegan for me all the time, I'd be there in minute. As it is, my diet is already improving since I'm doing all the groceries and all the cooking. I'm grieving the loss of the time I used to have but I'm finding that it's kind of nice to be in charge of what I eat again!


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